Jade Walsh (ex Hooke)


Jade Walsh (ex Hooke) is one of South Africa’s most accomplished showjumpers and the owner of Jade Equestrian.

Jane Hillock


My name is Jane Hillock and I live and work at Jade Equestrian. Horses have always been my passion. I have grown up with horses and also used to compete when I was younger. I will always do my best to ensure your horses are safe, happy and healthy.

Grooming Team


25 yrs old

I have been working with horses for 4 years. I have been working at Jade Equestrian for 2 years. I love working with horses and gaining experience.


35 yrs old

Working with horses since 2008. I have worked at Jade Equestrian for 4 years. I love horses and have grown with the horses, I know everything about them.


44 yrs old

I have worked with horses for over 20 years. I love working at Jade Equestrian. The people are very friendly and the horses are the best!


24 yrs old

I have been working with horses for 3 years. I like Jade Equestrian because it is a clean yard with friendly people. Everyone treats everyone with respect.


23 yrs old

I have been at Jade Equestrian for 1 year. I look after the riding school horses/ponies. This makes me happy because I love children!