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Equi-Feeds’ range of products caters for three specific categories namely the race training market, which is professional horse racing; the second is the stud breeding market; and the third is the sport and leisure market.

The wide range of feeds offered by Equi-Feeds has been formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements for each of these disciplines. Equi-Feeds draws on many years of experience and most importantly on what our customers ask for to produce the finest range of scientifically balanced nutritional feeds in the country today. Proof is in the ever increasing list of accolades and awards its customers achieve.


Why are we involved with Jade Hooke?

We always say "Use GCS-MAX for longevity of your horse's joints" and Jade's story and success with her horse, A New Era really is a testament to the GCS-MAX brand. How could we not get behind her? Era is a phenomenal horse that she competed on successfully at top level for many years before retiring him at a comfortable 21 years of age. Although there are many elements to keeping a horse sound, Jade's belief in using GCS-MAX every day certainly played a huge role in Era's soundness.


GCS-MAX is a scientifically formulated joint care supplement for horses that aids in protecting healthy joints and repairing and regenerating damaged joints. It contains the optimal amount of two key ingredients: glucosamine and low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate, which are considered to be "gold standard" in the treatment of arthritis in horses. These active ingredients provide the building blocks of cartilage and not only rebuild and lubricate the joint, but also help to reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that chondroitin sulphate is only absorbed at optimal level when given in low molecular weight form and therefore GCS-MAX is widely recommended by veterinarians as their joint supplement of choice.